Rena Soltanova


Profesional experience

Owner and founder 5 branches of LB (laser beauty) clinics in Azerbaijan

President of Public Association of Aesthetic Cosmetology Specialists.

Speaker at numerous international dermatology and cosmetology conferences.

Author of the book "Şans yoxsa İradə".

Founder and Journalist for the health and beauty magazine "AESTHETE".

Writer with numerous publications in the field of dermatology and cosmetology. 


Azerbaijan Medical University, 2001-2007

Republican Dermatovenerologic Dispensary, Internship, 2007-2008

National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupyk (Kyiv, Ukraine), Residency/Postgraduate degree in General surgery, 2017 -2019

Additional Education:

22-23.02.2009 - Moscow Seminary of aesthetic medicine Mesotherapy, Italian Medical Association of Aesthetic Medicine, Guido Zanzi

24-25.11.2010 - Philipsburg Diamond microdermabrasion, CNC Skin Care Rolf Hofheinz, Nadja Stein

24-25.11.2010 - Philipsburg Mesotherapy, CNC Skin Care Rolf Hofheinz, Nadja Stein

13-15.01.2014 - Israel Certification covers the Syneron and Candela systems Scinece.Results. Trust, Ayelet Shamos, Konika Patel Schallen

22-23.09.2014 - Venice Generation Regeneration BIOBRIDGE 2014 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Antoine Turzi, Michael O’Regan

12-13.05.2015 - received detailed information about Innoaesthetics products and their protocols of use, The Skin Academy, B. Fernando, G.Victor, K.Aleksander, R.Mariya, Barcelona

31.03-2.04.2016 - Monte-Carlo-Principality of Monaco Attendance to the scientific program - 16th aesthetic & anti-aging medicine world congress AMWC, B. Thierry, D.Claude

23-25.06.2016 - Minsk Participant, got Diploma Kongress Cosmedex

15-17.12.2016 - Facial Plastic Surgery Association, 10th National Meeting, Turkey

6-8.04.2017 - AMWC Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress

26.05.2017 - took part in a scientific practical workshop school, placental therapy, anti-aging medicine, Beauty Aesthetics Signature, Shamakhi

04.06.2017 - completed a clinical training for the Goisis System, a complete system for mini- invasive fat grafting, Doctor’s Equipe, Mario Goises

1-2.02.2018 - France-Paris Neauvia Academy training, Neauvia-New Art Aesthetics: Gabriele

Drigo, Nicola Zerbinati■ 5-7.04.2018 - Monte Carlo Principality of Monaco Attendance to the scientific for 21 credits awarded 16th aesthetic & anti-aging medicine world congress AMWC, Thierry Besins, Claude Dalle

15.12.2018 - Antiage congress in the USA, Las Vegas

31.01.2019 - Palais des Congres de Paris Porte Mailliot, IMCAS

15.03.2019 - Singapore Conference Hall

04-06.04.2019 - Grimaldi Forum Monaco, AMWC 2019

01-03.09.2019 - Seoul, Korea, Conference

27.09.2019 - Clarion Hotel Malmo Live, MD codes

05-07.12.2019 - Facial Plastic Surgery Association, 13th National Meeting, Hilton Istanbul

02.07.2021 - Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi, Kolkhida 2021 Congress

10.10.2021 - TAMC2021 Congress, Dubrovnik

24-27.10.2021 - Titanic Mardan Palace, 6th Spring Meeting, Antalya

26.11.2021- Global Health Summit

27.03-01.04.2022- Dubai World Trade Centre, Convention Gate

Note: The above list only represents a small percentage of the more than 100 international seminars and conferences that R. Soltanova attended.

Master classes and events delivered by Dr . Rena Soltanova in the last four years in Turkey and Baku:

21.04.2019 - Master class on “Aging and profiloplasty”, Excelsior Hotel

07.11.2020 - Master class on “Contour plastic”, Baku Academy of Aesthetics

24-27.10.2021 - Master class, 6th Spring Meeting, covered on Turkish TV, Antalya Titanic Mardan Palace

27-1.03.2022 - Dubai Derma, Dubai World Trade Centre – Convention gate

15-18.05.2022 - Master class, 6th Spring Meeting, Antalya Titanic Mardan Palace

3-7.06.2022 - IMCAS 2022, Palais des congres de Paris

29.07.2022 - BAFA, The UK`s No.1 Facial Aesthetic Event Series

On 11.11.2018, Rena Soltanova conducted the first scientific, anatomical, and practical seminar in Azerbaijan at Hilton Baku.

From 05-07.12.2019, she participated in the 13th National Meeting of the Facial Plastic Surgery Association at Hilton Istanbul.

On 21.04.2019, she held a masterclass on "Facelift and Profiloplasty" at Excelsior Hotel.

On 7.11.2020, she conducted a masterclass on "Contour Plastic Surgery" at the Baku Aesthetic Academy.

From 24-27.10.2021, Rena Soltanova gave a masterclass at the 6th Spring Meeting of the Titanic Mardan Palace in Antalya.

On 10.02.2022, in Baku, she conducted an upper eyelid filler masterclass.

On 17.02.2022, in Baku, she conducted a lips filler masterclass.

From 15-18.05.2022, in Antalya, she conducted a fresh-up masterclass at the 7th Spring Meeting.

From 29-31 July 2022, in London, she provided training during the congress organized by the Aesthetic Academy of London in Istanbul, focusing on nasolabial fold fillers and lips augmentation using her own technique.

On 25.09.2022, at JW Marriott Absheron Baku, she conducted a masterclass covering double baby boom, nasolabial lift, and fresh-up new techniques.

From 9-11.12.2022, at the 16th National Congress of the Istanbul Facial Plastic Surgery Association, she gave a presentation on the Eastern approach and spoke as a speaker on liquid rhinoplasty. She also discussed the Barbie forehead technique at the same congress.

On 04.12.2022, at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baku, she conducted a masterclass on facial anatomy by Dr. Ilker Yörük, gloderm dermal fillers, and liquid face lifting.

From 27-28.04.2023, in Antalya, she was a trainer at the Spring Meeting, focusing on profiloplasty.

From 2-3.06.2023, during the 1st International Congress of Azerbaijani Rhinologists, she conducted a masterclass and participated as a trainer.

In September 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey, Rena Soltanova participated as a trainer in the "Face Minima International" event, focusing on neck lifting and rejuvenation.

On September 23, 2023, in Baku, organized by ES Medical Academy, she conducted a masterclass on lip fillers, Russian lips, French lips, javelin, and chin tip, chin fillers in both women and men, prejowl area, nasolabial area, and nose fillers.


awarded “DERMATO-COSMETOLOGIST OF THE YEAR” for several times by various significant Azerbaijani businesses

awarded “Successful Female Doctor - Aesthetic Dermatology Specialist of Azerbaijan” by URAW Cosmetics company of Turkey

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