Ümit Ertas


Prof. Dr. Ümit Ertaş will make a presentation titled 'Emergency Approaches in Maxillofacial Surgery' at our congress.

Prof.Dr.Ümit Ertaş graduated from Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry in 1994.In 1999 he comleted his doctorate in Atatrük University Faculty of Dentistry,Department of Oral,Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery and got the ‘’DR.’’title.He was awarded the title of Professor at the same university in 2012.He has many national and international scientific articles and citations in international scientific articles. He gives numerous national and international conferences , seminars and courses on subjects such as maxillofacial surgery , orthognathic surgery ,traumatology,cleft lip palate and temporomandibular joint surgery.He is still the head of the Department of Oral,Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery at Ataturk University Faculty of Dentristy.In addition,he established the Maxillofacial Surgery Service in Erzurum Atatürk University Health Research and Application Centre in 2019 and continues as the head of the Maxillofacial Surgery centre .

Maxillofacial trauma (MFT) is an important health problem frequently encountered in the emergency department. Although the cases are often accompanied by other system injuries, patients with isolated maxillofacial injuries can also be seen. The etiologies of MFTs vary among societies according to sociocultural structures. While the incidence of MFTs due to motor vehicle accidents is extremely high in developing countries, it is reported that the most common cause in developed countries is assault. It occurs due to factors such as gunshot wounds, animal attacks, and trauma. Cases such as fractures and lacerations, lodge abscesses, and airway obstructions due to hematoma occurring in the sublingual area are situations that require urgent intervention in maxillofacial surgery.

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