Vagif Gelenderov



1987-1992: Azerbaijan Medical University Faculty of Medicine

1992-1994: Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine

1995-2001: Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Medicine


Work Experience


Specialization: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


2001-2002: Central Clinic Hospital Baku/Azerbaijan

2002-2006: Republic Clinic Hospital named after Mirqasimov

  1. 2003 PhD Degree – Thesis Topic: Internal Mammarian Artery New Island Flap a Novel Surgical Method

2006 - Ongoing: “Qələndər” Clinic

  1. 2017 Doctor of Science (Medicine) – Thesis Topic: Improvement of Reconstruction Methods of Soft Tissue Vast Defects
  2. 2017 Professor of Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institue for Doctors name by A.Aliyev

2008 – Ongoing: National Secretary at International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS)

2009 – Ongoing: Establisher and President of the Azerbaijan Society of Plastic and Reconstrucitve Surgery

2012 – Ongoing: Lecturer and Professor of Surgery at Azerbaijan Medical University Department of Maxillofascial Surgery




  1. Monography – Cosmetic and Functional Reconstruction of the Soft Tissues (2022)
  2. Textbook – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (2018)
  3. Test Questions – Plastic and Reconstrucive Surgery(2015)


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