Ali Mudunov


National Scientific Research Oncology Center (Russia)



Mudunov Ali Muradovich 1975.


Moscow National Oncology Center named after Blokhin

Position, scientific degree.

Cervical tumors are different, doctor of medical sciences, professor.

Work experience:

Doctor, research worker of the department, assistant

2002-2007 years

Senior researcher, associate professor

2007-2013 years. senior researcher

2015 - associate professor of oncology department

Senior researcher, professor

2013-department manager

Head of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery in 2018


Academician, official of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Participation in expert commissions:

Forces of the board of directors of the Russian Association of Oncologists

Russia on melanoma problems

Specialists of the Board of the Russian Association of Head and Neck Tumors

President of Russian Head and Neck Tumor Specialists.

The headquarters of the commission on the problem of head and neck tumors (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Funding of the Russian-Swedish company on head and neck tumors


Role in the preparation of management (left 3 years):

Development of local treatment protocols

Development of regional treatment protocols

Preparation of national diseases for the treatment of diseases.

Workforce on developing national materials on head and neck malignancies, melanoma of the head and neck, melanomas of the upper respiratory tract and digestive tract, thyroid products, head and neck skin. (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.).

Also participation in the preparation of a number of international clinical protocols and laboratories.

Conference Location


130 Tabriz Street, AZ1008
Baku, Azerbaijan



(+994) 55 274 22 22

(+994) 50 888 08 80